Innovation in Music Guitar Project – (week 2/3)

Innovation in Music

Guitar Project

Week Two/Three

This week I have spend time looking into which effects I may or may not use in the guitar. This was looking at the effects ease of use and available functions that could be harnessed whilst playing the guitar without being to intrusive. In addition to this I have decided on a body to style the guitar upon.

In the end I decided on two units which would offer up a wide range of effects both together and separate alongside the guitar. Both units are interactive, one is touch and the other is movement. To give the user as many available options on how to use the guitar creatively the guitar shall have one unit that is programmed with 49 preset effects which can be used normally or latched. The other shall be an active midi controller this would give the guitar unlimited capabilities through external software/programmes.

Since the last diary entry I have managed to find a luthier that is happy to take up the task of installing the units to my specifications on the guitar.

Once this prototype has been manufactured it is only natural that I would apply for a patent for the concept of the project – this would be a key addition to the business plan that I have started looking at writing this week aswell.

For next week I shall be looking at having the bulk of the business plan together so that only minor adjustments must be made. By this time I should hopefully have the guitar in the final stages of construction if not finished.

J Park