I I I! Me Me Me! Yada Yada Yada…

Amen to that and thank you.

But I think you forgot to mention someone just as important in that… Yourself! Doh 😛

from what I understand he is an allround ‘sound’ guy ‘Greg Smart‘ his array of audio techniques are not so bad either – take a listen for yourself on his soundcloud.

Smartamp Audio

I strongly dislike people who only do things to benefit themselves. I also notice that after reading many people’s blogs (outwith the music industries), they’re posting vacuous content which goes nowhere, treated like an excuse for a good moan. After starting this blog, I read back at it and realise how much of a prat I look, probably ’cause I hate talking about myself and anything to do with showing off. Hopefully to all of you, I don’t seem that way and you understand the reason I’m doing this. This brief entry is going to take the spotlight off me for a change, and will be about promoting my uni companions.

These guys are great to work with and between them have produced some amazing stuff. Here’s a little bit about what they do:

Martin ‘Oz’ Oswald – Oz first told me about Mike Senior’s multitracks website which is…

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