The box is mightier than the building

“The box is mightier than the building” – Mike Rutherford (Genesis)

I heard him state this on Radio 2 whilst promoting ‘Genesis revisited 2’.

It got me thinking about much can be done from within the box

from rerouting amps and adding synthesis from within the box as outlined by Elbows’ synth player Craig Potter in this article;

To relying on the box in a live situation to trigger multiple effects and automate them in a live situation as well as triggering overly effected audio from files created in Reaktor used at atmospheric sounds which otherwise would be quite inconvenient to use in a live situation;

This can be seen in this video promoting ‘Logic 9 Main Stage’ feat. ‘Nine Inch Nails’.

It’s the little things like that make creating music more interesting and in some situations a lot simpler. Not only is it moving from the box but into the phone. Making creating and recording music on the go so much easier.

Two apps that I would highly recommend on Iphone if anyone wants to look into it is the

KOAG iKaossilator which is essentially a Koassilator pad in your hand;

And Properller heads Figure which is a 3 part loop sequencer

All certainly good fun.

A little pricey for apps but inexpensive against the real thing.

J Park

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