Distant Worlds

Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds (Edinburgh) – I am going!!! Are you?

Very excited about this gig and seeing the Royal Scottish Orchestra play.
Masashi Hamauzu (composer of FFXIII) shall also be in attendance. And after much speculation between myself and friends over whether the event in London would be better or not as the original composer of the series will be there I have decided that Edinburgh playhouse over Albert hall(I think) will be the better event Hamauzu is a great composer and -I hope- if we are lucky (despite seeing the set list) some new pieces from FXIII pt 3 may be played.

I addition to this it’ll be interesting to see for myself how the band is arranged for a good clean natural sound, and Ofcourse how it is going to be micd up.

Looking very much forward to a night of quality music 🙂