Men Behind The Mix; Qualities of relaxed recording experience

There is nothing worse than appearing at a studio and being met what can only be described as the Golem for music; someone who is pretty close minded aside to their ‘precious’ and steers away from most interaction with a band.

This in itself particularly for a new band can be pretty daunting as they have no idea what to expect. So first quality and most likely my most important quality for anyone in a professional recording role would be a good, friendly, positive attitude with a passion for creating sounds and recording decent mixes. With this a band would obviously be a lot more comfortable in a recording situation and relaxed about what is usually quite an alien experience for new bands. Obviously this would be the same for most experienced bands, who may even find themselves recording and creating new ideas within the studio with the right force behind what would eventually be the overall mix.

It also helps if the producer does have some sort of interaction with the band, or that the producer/sound engineer has a specific sound that other bands would like to use or recreate for their own materials. Adam Dutkiewicz is a perfect example of a producer that is sought out for for his signature sounds mainly in recording metal. Adam is the lead guitar of Killswitch engage who is also the lead producer of the band who has strong idea on how he wants his tracks to sound; favoring heavy crunchy yet defined tones using Maxon guitar pedals like the OD808. As a result of this many bands on the metal scene seek his expertise in recording metal. These bands include; Times of Grace, Underoath, All that Remains and more recently Shadows Fall. This is all good and well but the bands would not be able to get such polished recordings if the producer, in this case Adam was too stubborn and unwilling to compromise for the sounds he prefers.

In addition to this an unorganised member of staff in a recording environment can be very time-consuming finding bands wasting hard-earned cash as the engineer/producer sets up.

In the end these three points to me are quite essential to a smooth, relaxed recording experience;

  • Un-biased positive attitude
  • Musically creative with sound but not controlling
  • Organised

Thanks for reading.

J Park

P.s. please find attached a diagram of A.Dutkiewicz typical set up. I found this pretty interesting.